Military Programming Documentation

GTCS understands the importance of MILCON documentation being properly prepared.  We have extensive experience in performing technical documentation reviews for the HQ Corps of Engineers and the Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management (ACSIM) in support of the MILCON budget.  We support the review and update of DD1391 Forms in the preparation of the production of the Budget Estimate Submission (BES) and President’s Budget Submission.

We provide USACE support in the technical review of ENG Form 3086s which are prepared and submitted by the Corps of Engineers Districts as a result of the completion of the parametric design.  Our personnel support the HQ Corps of Engineers not only in the technical review, but in the development and management of the “processes” and documentation used throughout the ENG Form 3086 review cycle.

GTCS also participates as a member of the DD Form 1391 Preparation Course instruction team, sponsored by the Huntsville Center Corps of Engineers.  These unique and varied responsibilities enhance our ability to know what key decision makers want to see in the DD Form 1391 packages.  Most importantly, it makes us a leader in the preparation of high quality MILCON documentation.

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